Caitlin McIntyre

Caitlin McIntyre is an interdisciplinary artist working in video, moving image, sculpture, and tradition drawing techniques. Her work engages the separation of the body and mind as a manufacture of human identity, accessing psychology of art as an index of both cultural identity and social history. In Caitlin's work, her interest is in the ability for a moving image to transport the viewer and for that work to be called upon, and questioned; sculptural intervention attempts to compensate for realityʼs failure to encompass the physical site it represents. 

Recently, Caitlin collaborated with mix media artists to create a projection installation as part of a series called "the Night Lights" for the Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC) and Hollywood Theater at the RACC Building in Portland, Oregon. Working with Portland Animated Arts Instructor Laura Heit and Kristin Calhoun, Public Art Director, 10 artists created an installation entitled “You Are Here.”  "You Are Here", is a study of human built structures from an alien perspective is a collaborative multi-media project based on constructed landscapes and field recordings shot from above. The installation consisted of a large scale projector, sphere masked screen that covered the entire building. As visitors experienced the exhibition, their movements ʻdense layers of animation, spectrograms, and sculptural elements over a collage of collected industrial sounds, and original music.'

In May of 2016, she will be mounting a group exhibition at the  Mediatheque of Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon. Caitlin is creating a detailed installation of multi-media objects that explores Pop, moments of disturbance, and neurotic self reflection.